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Reported number of cases of the Salmonella Newport serovar in the 16 German federal states 2004-2013.




A sts object.


The data were queried from the SurvStat@RKI database of the German Robert Koch Institute ( A detailed description of the 2011 outbreak can be found in the publication

Bayer, C., Bernard, H., Prager, R., Rabsch, W., Hiller, P., Malorny, B., Pfefferkorn, B., Frank, C., de Jong, A., Friesema, I., Start, K., Rosner, B.M. (2014), An outbreak of Salmonella Newport associated with mung bean sprouts in Germany and the Netherlands, October to November 2011, Eurosurveillance 19(1):pii=20665.